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  1. SIX significant landmarks necessary to keep your life on track
  2. How to create a strong VISION for your life, personally and professionally 
  3. How to shift away from attracting what your DON’T want in your life and shift into attracting what you DO want - the right people, places, and things into your life
  4. How to become COMMITTED to your vision
  5. How to embrace your successes and your failures as you grow personally and professionally 
  6. How to get past your fear, lack, and scarcity mindset acquire the mindset of ABUNDANCE and PEACE 

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Featuring 60+ powerful interviews including John Gray, “Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus”, Sharon Lechter, co-author “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Think And Grow Rich For Women, Mark Victor Hansen, “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, Loral Langemeier, “The Millionaire Maker” from the movie “The Secret”!

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1 Personalized Private Coaching Call With Erin Ley​

Known as “The Miracle Maker”, Erin is a renowned empowerment and transformational coach whose work has been acclaimed by business executives and famous celebrities. She has the insights and insider know-how to help you become the person you really want to be.

Praise For Erin


The Will to Live shares the personality factors which can make one a survivor. There are qualities within survivors which help them to exceed expectations and become our teachers and guides when we confront adversity. This book is filled with the hard-earned wisdom of a survivor. Erin Ley writes about cancer introducing itself to her and improving her life. I think it introduced Erin to herself and she liked whom she met and fought for her life. She became what I call a respant, a responsible participant, and not a patient, submissive sufferer. She shares the important lessons that one should never give up hope and always pay attention to the mind, heart and spirit, and to the possibilities which exist. I have learned that when mind, body and spirit work together in your life, they truly help you to heal your life and cure your disease.

Bernie Siegel, M.D.

NY Times Bestselling Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles
and Help Me To Heal

The Will to Live is full of valuable information about how to cope with a cancer diagnosis and the treatments that follow, but Erin Ley’s courageous, deeply personal account of her own experience as a cancer survivor is what makes this book unique. She tells her story calmly and with unflinching honesty. Erin’s descriptions of her experiences are heartrending, but her unwavering determination to focus on her inner strength and optimism shine through every page. In The Will to Live, Erin speaks from her heart, and I feel that her story will move and inspire cancer patients, their families, and their friends.

Whoopi Goldberg

Award-Winning Actress and Comedian, Co-Host, The View

Erin Ley’s Maggie’s in the Driver’s Seat is a must-have for those of us with children. These creative and imaginative characters help parents to deliver great messages to our kids. This character-building book for children is priceless.

Jim Breuer

Award-Winning Actor, Comedian, Musician, and Radio Show Host, Saturday Night Live

Erin Ley’s Maggie’s in the Driver’s Seat invites the reader into an exciting adventure, while allowing them to explore character-building traits which are both invaluable and necessary for our children of today. Being a mother of three, I welcome any chance I get to share with my children stories of love, compassion, respect, and generosity. Thank you, Erin Ley, for forwarding this message through your heroine Maggie.

Alison Bartlett O’Reilly

Emmy Award winning Actress (Gina on Sesame Street)

I will never forget my first conversation with Erin Ley! Every single time we talk she brings to me profound perspectives, immense knowledge, sincere compassion, a feeling of security and great joy! I look forward to our talks every single week – Erin has helped me face some of my deepest fears along this journey and she has been a vital part of my healing. She truly understands and I look forward to many long years of working with her through my current healing and continued growth in the future. Erin Ley is an Amazing woman and I sincerely believe the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, love and compassion has been laid upon her and she is a gift to us!

Susan C.

Erin Ley’s ever-popular Maggie the Magnificent stars in a brilliant character-building book for children. In Maggie Unmasks Planet Pumpkin, Maggie hosts a Halloween costume party and is surprised to discover that some of her guests refuse to take off their masks because they are afraid to show who they really are. Maggie saves the day and her self-conscious guests by turning the party into a celebration of self-esteem, individuality, and courage. I highly recommend this for children of all ages, and look forward to more Maggie the Magnificent books.

Wendy Wax

Children’s Book Author and Illustrator, Nickelodeon

Thank's so much Erin! You've really helped me a lot more in the span of 40 minutes than all the therapy sessions I have had in the previous 11 years of my life and that really means a lot to me!